About Us

Our Team

Writer, Host, Neuroscientist

Alie is the brains behind Neuro Transmissions. Alie graduated from MIT in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and is currently obtaining her PhD at UCSD in Neuroscience. Her research focuses on the role of astrocytes in development and neurodegenerative diseases. When she’s not making videos or doing science, she’s usually reading awesome sci-fi, hiking the wilds of California, gardening like a boss, or nerding about Star Wars.

Editor, Producer, Psychologist

Micah is the brawn of Neuro Transmissions, doing the heavy lifting of filming, editing, and animating all of our videos. Micah has an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and currently provides therapy to unaccompanied children and adolescents seeking asylum in the United States. When he’s not at his desktop or at work, he’s brewing his own beer, playing with the drone, or playing video games with his brothers.

The Channel

Neuro Transmissions is an educational YouTube channel dedicated to explaining the basics of neuroscience – from the structure of the neuron and how it communicates to the biology of vision, audition, and cognition. Together, Micah and Alie founded Neuro Transmissions in the spring of 2015. The channel launched with its series on basic neuroscience in September 2015. The mission of our channel is to make neuroscience accessible to all who are interested. In addition, articles and blog posts will be shared here on the website, along with some other goodies. We like making this stuff fun and easy to understand and we hope you’ll like it too. To put it simply, we create by the spirit of our moto: It’s not rocket surgery, it’s brain science!

Our Mascots

Bill & Loki
Cats, Trouble makers, Explorers

Beta Ray Bill and Loki are our rescue kitties, who joined us just three days after we arrived in California. Loki is a noisy, energetic Siamese who loves to chitter at birds, chase scrunchies, and snuggle in the morning. Bill is a cuddly, chirpy Scottish Fold who loves watching movies with us, posing upside down, and sitting in Micah’s lap while he edits the videos. They were named for the characters from the Marvel Thor comics.